In God’s presence

Enter His rest

Lately when I look around it seems like all I see is “higher, faster, further”. It seems wherever I look it’s about performance, activity, staying busy and entertained. People are overloaded with tasks, demands, goals and activities. It’s a phenomenon that I not only see in the workplace where people are busy with one meeting chasing… Continue reading Enter His rest


Drop your masks

When I was writing Seek Him in the middle of the mess another aspect came to my mind but I did not want to mix too many thoughts in one article so I kept it for later. Now I started reading “Deeper Places” by Matthew Jacoby, the founder of Sons of Korah, and was reminded of coming… Continue reading Drop your masks

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Seek Him in the middle of the mess

Last week I have been to an amazing concert of Sons of Korah, an Australian Worship Band that puts music to the Psalms. Apart from the beautiful music the introductions of their band leader before each song were quite profound. One especially touched me and stuck with me. He basically said that the Psalmist when… Continue reading Seek Him in the middle of the mess


Pure Love

Yesterday I was walking by a Catholic Church and suddenly felt drawn to step inside when I saw it was open. I sat down, breathed in the frankincense and looked around. What caught my attention was a statue of Mary holding her beloved son Jesus after they had taken Him off the cross and I… Continue reading Pure Love

In God’s presence

Dancing in His presence

I have such a longing in my heart today to just praise our God for all His goodness, His kindness towards us, His amazing grace, His beauty, His majesty and all the love that He has for us. And I have a burning desire on my heart today that the body of Christ would be transformed… Continue reading Dancing in His presence


Gaze into His face

Yesterday morning I read a passage that shed light into something that I have heard so many times before. In John 14:9 Jesus Himself tells the disciples that whoever has looked at Him has seen the Father. And yesterday morning I read this: “For God, who said, “Let brilliant light shine out of darkness,” is… Continue reading Gaze into His face


Let the veil be lifted

Again I have been strolling through my neighborhood admiring God’s beautiful creation. It amazed me how many different kinds of flowers He made, each one beautifully unique like you and I. God could have just created 2 or 3 plants and leave it at that but His creativity and sense for beauty did not stop… Continue reading Let the veil be lifted

Praise & Worship Music

Reckless Love

In this blog I would also like to start sharing worship music that lifts me up and encourages me, hoping it will do the same for you. One song we have been singing in church for several weeks now and that has been touching me every single time I hear and sing it is Bethel’s… Continue reading Reckless Love


Broken Vessels

Yesterday when I was driving to work God gave me a beautiful picture of how His light can shine through us. First of all let me say I love it when God speaks during seemingly ordinary things I do. Don’t get me wrong, setting aside extra time for Him is important and wonderful. But He… Continue reading Broken Vessels

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Spring in our hearts

Earlier today I took a lovely spring walk through my neighborhood. I soaked in the sunshine, admired the colorful little flowers everywhere, looked expectantly at the buds waiting to flourish. Immediately a day like this makes me feel light and free, joyful, more alive, full of hope and energy. It is like something is shifting… Continue reading Spring in our hearts